Doggy Day Care

Daily Activities

9am - Free play exercise and games including "tug-o-war", "fetch" and "tag" ensure everyone has a great start to the day.

11am - Day Care dogs only are back outside for some one-on-one play time


12pm - Inside for some much needed relaxation to their own private room with a day bed and fresh water. Flat screen TV or radio is left on with volume on low for those that don't want to sleep.


2pm - Rejuvinated and ready for more fun everyone is back outside to the playground for freeplay. For those that want to relax, daybeds are available outside in a shaded area.


3.30 - 4.30 Home time. Mum or Dad arrive and receive feedback on days activities social interaction with friends.


Our Doggy Day Car runs on Monday's and Thursday's. This enables us to reduce the price and ensures there are always lots of dogs to socialise together.



                                                    Cost $20/day

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